“MarketLeverage” Prodivdes Publishers access to hundred of top-notch advertisements designed to maximize their online profits. Above all.. we create the best Publisher experience in the industry.”

Publishers are able to realize revenue for both traditional online acquisitions, as well as for acquisitions that may have started online, but end up converting over the phone. Media channels that can be tracked include mobile, video, websites, television, print, search, display, coupons, sms, email, blogs, social media, and more.

With pay-per-call you can:

  1. Stop missing out on sales and conversions due to phone calls
  2. Get paid for online and offline sales and calls
  3. Promote higher-ticket sales
  4. Sell consultative product and services
  5. Get paid for driving calls
  6. Expand your current online click-based ads with calls
  7.  Earn higher commissions by driving more qualified leads
  8.  Quickly tap into the expanding mobile smartphone market

It’s easy to get started. If you are a current publisher, login to your account and select pay-per-call offers. If you are not a current MarketLeverage publisher, click here to apply