Why Do Advertisers Love Us? We Create Results!

Leverage Our Reach, Knowledge and Expertise

If you want to make online sales, generate leads, or drive qualified in-bound calls for your sales force, let us put the power of performance marketing behind your business to generate guaranteed, trackable results.

For over 24 years, our advertising partners have received traffic from tens of millions of targeted consumers using an extensive and proprietary base of Internet Publishers.

Our advertisers have access to industry leading through Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA), Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), Pay-Per-Call and mobile advertising programs.

It’s the power of performance marketing. Best of all, our managed affiliate marketing partners only pay for results.   

MarketLeverage Advertisers Receive:

  1. Major Reach: access to a vast and safe proprietary network of Internet Publishers who reach millions of consumers through web sites, email, display, social channels and search marketing. MarketLeverage has delivered millions of leads and sales to our Advertising Partners.
  2. Full Service : dedicated account managers who manage the distribution of ad campaigns across the MarketLeverage network and campaigns.
  3. Optimization : an in-house design team with experience in creating and testing ad campaigns that work.
  4. Key Metrics : transparent access to important campaign information including the number of web site visitors received, the number of sales or leads generated, and the total spend of the campaign.
  5. In-House Publishing : MarketLeverage has dedicated, state-of-the-art email marketing, social management and search marketing departments. These internal resources enable MarketLeverage to proactively help Advertisers reach their sales goals.
  6. Industry Standard Compliance : At MarketLeverage we reject more Advertiser and Publisher applications than we accept. As a result, we believe our Advertising clients receive higher quality traffic than is provided by other large volume networks. Our internal compliance team is comprised of experienced legal and industry veterans. Additionally, MarketLeverage utilizes the industry’s top technology for its compliance programs.

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