MarketLeverage Delivers for Publishers.

If you own a website, e-newsletter, email list marketer, mobile, video, television, print, search, display, coupons, sms, email, blogs, social media, let us help you generate more revenue now.

You can earn revenue through Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA), Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), Pay-Per-Call and mobile advertising programs.

MarketLeverage provides Publishers access to hundreds of top-notch advertisements designed to maximize their online profits. We have the best offer payouts, rapid payments to Publishers, and have the highest paying rewards program in the industry.

How does it work? It’s simple…MarketLeverage Publishers enjoy higher payouts on hundreds of different advertisements while getting the best customer service in the performance marketing industry. Our experienced team of Publisher managers are trained to help our Publishers earn more money from their website, search engine and email marketing efforts.

We create the best Publisher experience in the industry!

MarketLeverage Publishers Receive:

  1. Top Payouts, Massive Ad Inventory, and Lots of Exclusive Deals – We take less margin on each advertisement so that Publishers will earn more profits for every lead or sale generated. There are hundreds of ads to choose from and a growing selection of unique offers available exclusively to MarketLeverage Publishers.
  2. Rapid payments to Publishers – There are no hassles, invoices, or reminders needed. Our Publishers get paid on time every time.
  3. Weekly Payments – Any Publisher with over $1K in weekly commissions can request weekly payments. If you’re interested in this option, please talk to your Publisher Manager today.
  4. Pay-Per-Call – Stop missing out on sales and conversions due to phone calls. Market Leverage publishers are able to realize revenue for both traditional online acquisitions, as well as for acquisitions that may have started online, but end up converting over the phone. Media channels that can be tracked include mobile, video, websites, television, print, search, display, coupons, sms, email, blogs, social media, and more. For more information on Pay-Per-Call, click here.
  5. The Highest Paying Rewards Program in the Industry – All Publishers are automatically enrolled in our Visa Cash rewards program and receive monthly cash rewards.
  6. The Best Paying Lifetime Referral Program in the Industry – MarketLeverage Publishers have the unique opportunity to earn (5%) five percent of the GROSS revenue generated by Publishers they refer to MarketLeverage.

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