When first starting your business, it’s important to establish an attractive, functional office that is conducive to productive work, appealing to clients/customers, and efficient to operate. To help you in the process of setting up this space, we have created the Office Start-Up Checklist from which you can review and determine which items should be included in your space.

Additionally, it’s important to make note that you can minimize your start-up costs by scouring online for quality items that can be purchased at a tremendous discount; consider looking at online sites, like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, or within digital apps like Nextdoor. Make sure, too, to be less concerned about newness and more about the condition of the equipment, furniture, along with the image they may project.

Office Start-Up Checklist

Waiting Area
– Appropriate, current reading material(s)
– Comfortable seating area to accommodate visitor(s)
– Greenery
– Artwork

Office Furniture
– Large desk
– Comfortable chair with neck-level support
– Extra chairs to use for staff and/or client meeting(s)

– Neutral, fresh color
– Picture arrangement(s)
– Strategically placed awards, certificates of achievement, degree(s), etc.
– Good lighting

Office Equipment
– Four-drawer filing cabinet
– Computer hardware & software
– Photocopier with inexpensive but reliable service contract
– Cash register(s)

Business Supplies/Inventory
– Business letterhead/envelopes
– Business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.
– Office supplies (i.e. paper clips, pens/pencils, journals/ledgers, etc.)
– Invoices & envelopes or billing statements
– 4-6 week inventory