Being a digital agency and affiliate network we are always testing, researching and implementing which banner ad sizes perform the best. Another aspect we look at is the placement of the ads on the pages and where are they performing best. In almost every case when we create ads we look at which sizes fit best for the product and which sizes will most likely perform best. Also we look at where they should be placed on a page.

According to Google Adsense the most effective banner ad sizes are 336×280 large rectangle, 300×250 medium rectangle, 728×90 leader board, 300×600 half page and on the mobile side 320×1100 large mobile banner. Remember that this is an overall performance for all pages and you should always use what works best for your pages.

Now that we know which banner ad sizes are most effective let’s dive into where it is best to place ads on pages. Studies have shown that ads that are embedded into pages content or at the top of a page perform much better than ads at the side or bottom of a page. Ad placements that are embedded into pages content and at the top of pages typically perform best ONLY on desktop OR laptop devices (Just wanted to make ourselves clear). On mobile devices, what is interesting to note is that mobile ads that perform best are placed at the bottom of a page.

At the end of this blog post you can see wireframes of pages that have ads laid out in the areas we just discussed.

The take away on this post is that you should keep in mind what overall ad sizes perform best on your pages and to always, always, always test, track and implement what works best for you and your pages.

336x280 728x90 300x250 300x600320x100

(Images provided by Google)