Hey there,

Our new pay-per-call exclusive MexicoAwaits is launching today!

Here’s the scoop…

$2.50 for 30 second call duration.
$1 Bonus for calls that last at least 2 minutes.
Calls must occur within call center hours, and must originate from the US or CA.

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MexicoAwaits! This is a great one if you are promoting travel. Generate inbound calls for this call center, and get paid.

Callers are pre-screened in the IVR with 4 short questions, and transferred directly to the call center.
Payout triggers on minimum 30 second call duration.
$1 bonus triggers for calls >= 2 minutes.
Callers must be in region and during call center hours.

Accepts calls from US and CA.
Call center hours are Monday through Friday, 10AM to 8PM Mountain Time.

Target Audience:

Age: 30 to 65 years old
Household income: $45,000 or more.
Credit card holders.
Married couples.

Contact your AM with questions.