Global Giving Strategy

Market Leverage, its employees, products, services and solutions want to make a difference in our communities and around the world. The company’s commitment to a sustainable future is reflected in our corporate strategy, business practices, product development and sales, as well as our support for qualified charitable organizations.

Market Leverage targets giving in communities where our employees work and live as well as the poorest of poor in Haiti and Africa. We are committed to changing the landscape of traditional corporate philanthropy through community and micro-finance partnership. We are especially focused on helping women and children in need.

We are financial supporters and investors of micro lending programs to empower the poor. Microlending and Microcredit is the extension of small loans (microloans) to those in poverty designed to spur entrepreneurship. Microlending and Microcredit allow the poor to generate an income and, in many cases, begin to build wealth and exit poverty.

Additionally, we are supporters of several orphanages, schools, small business owners, clean water projects and training centers in Haiti and Africa. For more information on clean water projects, visit Matching Program We invite our clients and employees to join us supporting these people in need. Market Leverage will match any client or employee donation to any of the approved support programs up to $10,000 per donation with an annual aggregate amount of $100,000. For information on the corporate matching program, please email

Also, visit our water partners at

Shane Hackett